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My Approach

I know you! You are an ambitious, accomplished woman. You aim for success at work and in your personal life. But, its stressful, there are missing pieces to the puzzle and you feel like you deserve more- At work and at home. And I know this because I have been there. The challenge of career growths and re-invention, job loss, re-location, leaning-in, complicated relationships, balancing being a mother and a professional-I’ve done it all.

It took me years to create a life and career of my choice. To make mental clarity, reaching for the stars, self-care, respectful boundaries, escaping your comfort zone, saying “No”- A part of my life and not just mere buzz-words. I want to empower you to join me on this transformative journey to consciously design a vibrant life through self-awareness and spirituality

With over 14 years of experience, I have demonstrated exceptional results in area of Project Management, Management Consulting, Design Thinking, Executive Coaching & Six Sigma/Lean. I have a masters’ degree in management from IIM, Bangalore (India). I also volunteer as a business coach/advisor at Score & at Everwise mentoring women professionals to achieve their professional goals. I am a mother to 2 wonderful kids. I bring my collective professional and personal learnings into the coaching experience.

For me its priceless to see the benefits that clients get from a session where they have had a moment of absolute clarity, the strength they derive from it and the subsequent progress they make. My clients say that I am an empowering, intuitive coach who has enabled self-care, helped define career/life goals and address strengths, needs, and gaps.

It would be my honor to coach you on a path of transformation and self-actualization. Call or email me today for a FREE 1-hour consultation.

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