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About Me

When life gives you a lemon, chuck it on life’s face and say No Thank You!

I was cruising along. A job that I liked, loving family and supportive fun friends-Life had lulled me into a false sense of complacency.

Until I got fired….


The first wave of emotions that hit me was that of dismay, humiliation, worry, total loss of confidence. A couple of days into the chaos, I decided that that the outcome of this event wouldn’t just be that I found another job. No, I wanted more.

And so began my journey into self-growth and self-introspection

 I had the choice to shield my kids from the uncertainties of a parent losing a job OR I could make it a learning moment. This was an opportunity for my kids to know that life isn't all about flying high-sometimes it's about falling flat on the face. And you still have to dust yourselves, get on the horse and live a life of grace.


Over a period of three weeks, I met over 80 people. Within three weeks, not only had I received an offer from the same organization, but I had also bagged a strategic stretch assignment, nominated for a cool leadership program and volunteered for a project with loads of networking opportunities.


Oh, Did I tell you that my daughter complimented me saying that I was super positive during my job hunting period except I might have eaten all the junk in the house when I was stressed. Hey, nobody said I was perfect


 This journey and a period of intensive self-introspection -On my life-purpose and my legacy- got me started on the path of becoming an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified coach.


It helped that I really enjoyed the coaching sessions and I derived a lot of satisfaction from watching my clients march in pursuit of excellence and realize their life’s purpose.


So come along, join me on my journey to Self-Actualize!


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